Camera Munufacturers, please stop...

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Re: Camera Munufacturers, please stop...

GeraldW wrote:


Just get a Fuji X-100S.

The Canon 350D (Rebel XT over here) was a very good camera, and the 18-125 Sigma was not "a cheap lens"; it was quite good. However, mine was out-performed by my S70 and a Canon Pro 1; both small sensor models. Currently, I have an S95, and it performs quite well for me. Are you using the S95 in Auto? They don't do well in Auto - try Program. I also have the 60D, and I don't find it shames my G15 or even my Panasonic FZ200.

Fuji X100S is not a camera that fits into my pockets. But I am sure it is a wonderful camera.

My 350D in its day certainly was a nice camera. My Sigma 18-125 was cheap in the uk and was an ok lens. Maybe my copy was not the best.

No I do not use my S95 on auto. Why would I do that? I love the little S95. Most of my current pictures are taken with it. I have only a very small gallery of 17 images on dpr but 6 of them were taken with the S95, which is always with me.

Ken from the UK now in France

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