Are you worried about light leak in your X-T1?

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Re: Are you worried about light leak in your X-T1?

jimbofoxman wrote:

I'm not worried about it, but I will probably still send it in anyway since I still have my Canon stuff to shoot with in it's absence. To me people aren't happy unless they have something to bitch about. Quit shinning a fricken light in there! Same thing with the 4 way control pad on the back. I don't see anything wrong with it...but maybe it's because I have basketball fingers and not sausages for fingers.

Shine the damn light in there. At least you'll know if you have the issue. If you don't all is good. If you do, you have to decide whether to send it in or not. If you don't do long exposures with a remote, you'd probably never have the door open in a situation where it would come into play so you might decide not to. OTOH, if you have the problem, you're probably better off sending it in for the repair so that if you try to sell the camera later, you can honestly say it doesn't have the problem. In addition to which, some folks who send it in seem to find that the feel of the four way controller has improved when they get it back - that's a bigger deal to some than others, but again not a bad thing to have had done when it comes to selling the camera down the road. OTOH, if you plan to keep it forever, no need to worry.

I shone the light in there. I didn't have a problem. But I'm glad I checked. Now I'll never give it another thought...

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