Flickr redesign has started.... :((

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Ray Sachs
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Marty4650 wrote:

This text will work only when you post the photo in a Flickr discussion group. For everywhere else, you need to post something different. And that means just the URL from the above:

Notice... the line must end with .jpg in order to use on Dpreview. Then you insert that text into the "insert image from the web" option and you get:

Thanks Marty. You actually don't even need to hit the "insert image from the web" button - if you just paste the right link into the text, DPR will recognize it as a legitimate link and present you with a button next to the text to embed the file. Works great. It's just more difficult to get to that string now than before, as noted.

I basically agree with you. I don't really have a problem with Flickr at all. I don't think the changes have necessarily made it worse - just different. I only get bugged when I can't do something I could do previously. This is one of those - I can still do it, but it's more hassle than it used to be...

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