Sharpest 24mm prime to go on a D610

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Re: The answer isn't a prime...

Regarding the 20D, I'm not a big fan. I'd take the 18-35 over it any and each day of the week without question because of the edges. Several of the old AFD can be quite sharp center of frame, but suffer greatly at the edges.

Don't place much weight with wide angles on TDP - test charts are shot far too close relative to how we typically use wide angles. I wasn't impressed with the 20 AFD on 12mp cameras, so while I currently don't own one, I highly doubt it would suddenly be magical on 24 or 36mp given I didn't like it's corners at 12mp....

The funny thing about the 18-35G: I literally picked it up on a whim because on rare occasion I need something just a smidge wider than my 21/2.8 Zeiss or 24/1.4G Nikkors - those two primes are by far my most used landscape lenses - but as I've begun to more seriously use the 18-35G here and there the more I'm impressed with it in that 18-28mm range (certainly not 35mm, where every other 35mm option is better), although to be very clear, the 18-35 is slow, is dimmer than the fast primes, and really only has as usable, sharp apertures the landscape apertures from F/7.1 - F/11, but for landscape, you know, that's all I really need. I actually think this lens is the "sleeper" wide angle in nikons lineup as long as one doesn't require it to be amazing at 35mm and can live with a more landscape-typical aperture range. Someone on a budget could do a lot worse than a 18-35G, 35/1.8G, 50/1.8G, 85/1.8G kit for sure. Nikon has been a bit weak on introducing relavant high-end lenses lately, but several of their more budget friendly lenses have been astoundingly good.


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