A6000 test cool extra - Clear Zoom Image E 55-210 vs D5300 55-300 VR exelent :-)

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A6000 test cool extra - Clear Zoom Image E 55-210 vs D5300 55-300 VR exelent :-)

Hello again , this is a short comparison of the Clear Zoom function of A6000 with E 55-210 OSS and

the NIKON 55-300 VR . Clear zoom is actually a smart zoom up to 2 /Zoom range 0-2 times/times and by processing the image is creating a file again 24Mp

but now we have an 'artificial' zoom 55-210 4.5-6.3 + the expanded range of 210-420 4.5-6.3

The function is activated in the menu and i assigned C2 for it .A77 has similar function but with fixed values

and it is marked x1.4 and x2 . When you are using this zoom A6000 focus is switching to cental wide and you cannot choose focus points .

I beleive until F11 it is still using phase detection and after that contrast autofocus as this is how the camera defaul mode.

You are actualy gaining a stop of ISO , more Dynamic ,1 stop of OSS and for me personally this is 1 of the greatest extras in A6000.

You will not miss anymore that 300mm VR od IS because ...guess what - you have 420mm F6.3 OSS ..but only in JPEG Mode .

As you can see the quality of 55-210 OSS it is very good /Dxo recently has done a test/ and more important is that

you are using only the central part of the lens where the quality is the best ./55-210 has very good sharpness across the whole image/

- Nikon 55-300Vr is very good lens up to 200mm but later the corners are becoming soft and the center is only good.

I double check the images of 55-300 300mm to be shure that i pick the best of them but ...

As you can see there actualy te 200mm x1.5 Clear Zoom =300mm Sony is with very high contrast and looking very good .

Also there is comparison between booth lenses on 210mm settings .

On the exterme side there is a 210mm X2 = 420mm strait out of the camera and in my view this is image that can be

croped even more in the computer and having 420mm x1.5 = 630mm 6.3

/the good news is that the OSS is actually working in the 210mm range 2.5-3 stops/ and 10.5MP image ..

...how cool is that Crops from Full 24 MP ,Picture Style - Standart  Contrast AF cenral Focus Point.

I promised in the my prevous tread that I`ll provide a samples of im camera ISO 6400 noise reduction of A6000 and d5300.

A6000 Center 100% crop 55 210 OSS at real 200mm F6.3 X Clear Zoom x1.5 equal 300mm 24MP

D5300 Center 100% Crop Nikon 55-300 Vr at real 300mm 24 MP

A6000 Upper Left Corner 100% Crop E55-210 OSS at real 200mm F6.3 X Clear Zoom x1.5 equal 300mm 24MP

D5300 Upper Left Corner 100% Crop Nikon 55-300 Vr at real 300mm 24MP

A6000 Center 100% Crop E55-210 OSS at real 210mm F6.3 X Clear Zoom x2 equal 420mm 24MP

Leica X1 Leica X2 Nikon D5300 Olympus E-5 Sony a6000
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