How slow is the 60mm real world

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Re: How slow is the 60mm real world

I love the 60mm lens. Of course it is not a true macro, only 'half' macro, which personally I found very disappointing. For extreme close up, and real macro, personally I always use manual focus on any camera system, and I'm afraid that for no good reason I still have several camera systems. Happily, if I want full macro, I have adapters and other (non-Fuji) lenses (and close-up lenses for the 60mm, though these will degrade the image). As I would focus manually anyway for extreme close-up, lack of AF on such third-party lenses is not an issue; going back to manual aperture control to focus, at the widest aperture, is not that important in terms of convenience, BUT  possible focus changes when I alter the aperture on those lenses would be important!

The 'proper (marked)' aperture ring on this lens is great - the X system zooms are great performers, but having proper f stops on the lens is the way I want to work (of course, a variable aperture/focal length means you can't do this). Hence my current quandary - wait for the new wide zoom, which is not cheap, but very versatile, or go for the 14mm, which is not cheap either, but probably wide enough for most of my requirements (which include many indoors images at The Black Country Living Museum buildings).

I wish I knew the answer to 'Life, the Universe and Everything' .... (42 does not help me much, but I enjoyed the original radio series so much, though photography did not feature in it).


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