Flickr redesign has started.... :((

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fishy wishy
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Re: Its becoming a photo rubbish tip like Instagram.

Lee Jay wrote:

Bad side:
  1. Horribly hard to navigate
  2. Horribly hard to find specific image sizes, sometimes impossible
  3. Kind of hard to find EXIF data
  4. Have to do 2 and 3 for every single photo (selections not sticky)
  5. Once you do 4, you have to go back to 1 (and 2 and 3) - every time
  6. Incredibly, unbearably slow
  7. Lots of "response" to your photos

It has such potential, if they'd just change practically everything.

I've considered using it for a private backup system, except that I don't need it and I'm not sure if you can make your entire folder/gallery/stream (whatever they call it) private. Can you?

Sonyshine wrote:

The bit that gets wrecked every time Flickr do a redesign is the comment and community interaction - which is at the heart of what makes Flickr good.

If you just want to dump photos a la Instagram its fine.

If you want to share, discuss and learn it has got worse. Much worse.

Contrasting approaches to flickr

flickr themselves seem to look on themselves as an accessory of facebook... judging by the endless page and the silly big tiling. I write this only as an occasional visitor who is turned off by it.

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