X-series Wifi - Why no PC/Mac tether options?

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Re: X-series Wifi - Why no PC/Mac tether options?

There is


Just a Photographer wrote:

Why does the Wifi of the X-T1 / X-E2 not offer the functionality to tether the images to your PC or Mac?

Its an option I would really like to see, so I can auto-import my images into lightroom to be viewed directly on screen and help me with my studio setup. The option to send the pictures to an iPad are just not enough. The ability to download JPEG automatically to a PC/Mac would be a great help.

I am not even asking for a remote app to set shutter speed/aperture etc. Just the functionality to auto upload of the JPG after a picture has been taken would already be a great help.

An eye-fi card might do the job, but the availability of them in Europe is really bad and the Mobi cards only work on iPads to my believe.

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