D4s has smaller RAW buffer than D4??

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Re: D4s has smaller RAW buffer than D4??

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I believe the numbers are just the actual number of pictures that can be taken until the buffer is full, not the number displayed in the bracket in the viewfinder.

Upon a side by side test, with the Sony 180MB/s XQD card, the same settings (100 iso, 1/1000s, 14-bit losslessly compressed raw, everything off) on each camera except 11 fps vs 10 fps, the D4s captured 86 images while the D4 captured 77 images. I consider it to be an improvement.

Weird - my D4s maxes out at ~60 images with a Sony 168MB/s XQD card and those settings. Hard to believe the card difference would make that much difference? i tried a 2 button reset, but that made no difference. I contacted Nikon USA to inquire about this and they are looking into it - curious to see what they come back with...

The actual scene you are shooting makes a huge difference. When I was testing I was shooting with a 200mm f2.0 VR II lens with almost everything in bokeh except a very small main subject, making the raw files much smaller, hence more continuous shots achievable.

You could also try this out with the body cap attached (without any lens) so every picture is purely black.

When I shoot pictures with lots of details (e.g. wide angle and smaller aperture so many stuff is in the depth of field) the raw files are much larger, and the buffer is filled up a lot faster, just like in the 50-60-ish.

I get that - but my D4s just gets significantly less images until full buffer with the same scene - so I'm surprised that your D4s gets more than your D4?

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