An interesting read about the state of the camera industry..

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Re: An interesting read about the state of the camera industry..

Brian Caslis wrote:

Very true. Smartphones have decimated the low end but they aren't going to stop there. They will add multiple sensors and with software emulate the effects of larger sensors. They will add flexible lenses to give zoom lenses with the same size they currently have. I would not be surprised if eventually cellphones can take on the functionality of low-end DSLRs but with much better ability to handle the images once they are taken.

What can be done for cell phones, can be done with smaller camera's as well.
Cell phones will never be as good in quality as dedicated camera systems.
Sure cell phones will get better IQ and yes the quality of the pictures will be good enough for most of the people that just take pictures for taking the picture.

But for enthousiast photographers and professionals, I don't see the cell phone taking over this market.

The enthusiast market isn't big enough to support all these camera companies. I suspect in five years this market is going to look very different.

Probably true, but they could sustain themselves for nearly 100 years before digital.
I'll think many camera manufactures just have to get used that their turnovers will be more like they have been in in the 1980's and 1990's and that life cycles for digital camera's will become longer.
Maybe even as long as 5 to 7 years. And sure some manufacturers may fall away if they won't adapt to this new market situation.

Don't forget that the consumer has been spoiled with new features and better sensors over the last decade. But good enough is good enough for most consumers. The times of needing to upgrade your camera for the better technology after 2 years of use are over.

Nikon at the moment could maybe be seen as an example of a company that doesn't know how to adapt to the new markt situation. Camera's like the D4s and the rumored D800s are examples of camera's that no one really seems to be waiting for. Nothing wrong with the current IQ and feature set of the D4 and D800 and therefore no reason for those enthousiasts or professional to upgrade to these new camera's.

The current line of camera's like the D4 and D800, could IMHO easily be prolonged to 5+ years before the need arises to buy a new camera. 5 to 7 year life cycles where also pretty common in the times of analogue.

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