f-number equivalent between m43 and FF

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Re: Still incorrect.

dwalby wrote:

Bob stated that a single pixel doesn't have an SNR, I disagreed with that claim. Everything you said above is true, and I agree with, it just wasn't part of the original claim I disputed.

I'm not disputing whether or not per-pixel SNR is the best metric for evaluation of a sensor's performance, I was simply stating that it is possible to measure and compare the SNR of a single pixel on any given sensor. Perhaps if Bob had taken the time to explain his own comments a little more thoroughly you wouldn't have had to do it for him.

Ah.  I just wanted to say that comparing noise pixel for pixel is a meaningless comparison unless the photos are made from the same number of pixels, and that noise comes from both the light itself as well as the sensor and supporting hardware.

However, as you agree with all that, we're good.


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