Sharpest 24mm prime to go on a D610

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Re: The answer isn't a prime...

Slightly off topic but not really... since you are a WA "freak", have you compared the 18-35mm G to the 20mm D? The 18-35mm at let's say 18mm, 19mm and 20mm. Based on TDP the 20mm is sharper in the center and, although soft on the sides and corners until f/4, seems sharp accross the frame from f/5.6. How does the 18-35mm compare at f/5.6 and above? I've tried the 20mm D and when I did, it seemed fine, but didn't really need it at the time. I've tried the 18-35mm once and don't remember much.

I'm still looking for a 20mm or wider lens and generally prefer light primes instead of zoomz or heavy lenses. The 18-35mm is pretty light but the 20mm D is lighter and especially tiny in comparison. I still hope Nikon or another company would makes a 200mm (or preferably under) equivalent to the 28mm 1.8G which I really like. Can be f/2.8 to save cost and size/weight for this length. The quiet AF motor would be a huge advantage for me...

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