How slow is the 60mm real world

Started Mar 25, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: How slow is the 60mm real world

The 60mm feels quite a bit slower to focus than the 18-55. At best, it's about half as fast, and at worst, its 3-4 times slower, especially in dim light and close focus. When it hunts, it can be glacially slow. I've had very mixed results shooting candid family photos. I now use MF often with this lens, typically pre-focusing with the single-shot auto-focus and then firing off a series of shots all around the same focus distance.

But when you do nail focus... it's so sharp it almost hurts, and bokeh is quite nice. I really like this lens, it has some character, but the 35mm or 18-55mm go on the camera most of the time for candid shots with action.

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