Are you interested in dynamic range measurements on Sigma cameras?

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Re: Nonsense

Mike Gerstner wrote:

jennyrae wrote:

how much is value of exposure adjustment here? scenes do not look too overexposed to say DR is phenomenal.

Hi Jenny........& others.

Measured DR and measured DR with highlight recovery "can be" 2 different beasts, depending on who's doing the measuring. It seems to be a "moving target" depending on the scene, and the colors present.

I do think it can be used to ones advantage if you realize the capability exists.

fwiw, here's an image that is ~ 2 stops over exposed (-2 exposure, +3 fill light(which brings down the highlights a little also)).

The raw image is here if you want to play with it, adjustments intact. I was pretty impressed with the recovery.


Hi Mike,

From what I understand, the natural ISO for the sensor is 200, so you should set the meter to that to get the proper exposure. Shooting at 100 overexposes a stop and shooting at 400 underexposes a stop. Changing ISO only affects metering (which changes iris and shutter) and metadata. Sensor sensitivity doesn't change. The metadata tells SPP how to develop the RAW.

You set the ISO to 100 and added +1.7 exposure compensation, so the metadata is telling SPP to add 2.7 stops when developing the image, which resulted in the over bright image, however the RAW data is only .7 of a stop over the sensor sweet spot. Considering that metering snow scenes generally results in underexposure anyways, you seemed to expose your picture just about right. The only problem seems to be some funkyness in the girls turquoise jacket where colour info is missing.

The detail at full res is amazing.



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