An interesting read about the state of the camera industry..

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Re: An interesting read about the state of the camera industry..

Les Lammers wrote:

"But, don't despair. The market isn't going away. If you are reading this and you are an enthusiastic photographer, recognize that in some ways you are in the golden age of photography. We now have tools that surpass our dreams of just a couple of decades ago. It's up to use to use them to create interesting and worthwhile images."

That about sums it up.

I also agree. I said something very like this here last year. The low end, entry level cameras will drop off completely, replaced by smart phones. Super zooms and enthusiast cameras will thrive. Camera makers will be freed from trying to cater to the lowest common denominator and get back to their core market: photographers, casual and otherwise, but photographers.

And on the article, I think the conclusion is obvious and remains the same as it has ALWAYS been in the photography world. It's about the glass. This is even MORE pronounced in the current photography world where film and camera have merged. Because cameras have become as much gadget as tool and because sensor technology continues to evolve at a relatively rapid rate the camera is greatly minimized in the equation. You buy for the mount and the glass. You are going to upgrade the box many times over the life of the lenses.

Glass is also why hand held devices will never really eliminate pocket point and shoots and it's a simple matter of size. Once you put a good lens on a smart phone it stops being a smart phone with a good camera and starts being a camera with a smart phone.

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