Why doesn't DXOmark rate the Fuji sensors?

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Interactive PDR chart question and ISO.

bclaff wrote:

I checked on DXOmark and found no sensor ratings for the Fuji X-E1 or X-M1 or X-Pro1. Really wanted to see how they stacked up against other manufacturers.

It may be interesting to try to reason out why this is the case but the fact is; you want some data.

You can also get something like Sports ISO from this bar chart: ISO at Various PDR Values
(I know it's hard to read, working on that.)

My data comes from people all over the world who volunteer to help out.

Can you please explain how the PDR charts work? I can see the upward trend of the bars, so I assume that the cameras to the right are the ones with better ISO, but the Fuji X cameras, although on the right side, their bars are rather short, and seem out of place.

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