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Interesting reading about DSLR shutter life

DRabbit wrote:

Wallace Ross wrote:

Well the Panasonic GH3 has an electronic shutter that people seem to like for timelapse. Don't get me wrong I like my K-3 but if your burning through cameras like that it's going to be more economical to get a different tool.

The GH3 uses a mechanical shutter, but has a mode/setting where you can choose to shoot with electronic shutter only... You can't do any high ISO with just the electronic shutter (from what I understand). Someone can correct me if I'm wrong. The shutter life on the mechanical GH3 shutter isn't officially rated, but rumor says it's between 50,000 and 100,000. So, no better.

As for cost... I'll quote myself: The K5-II/K5-IIs is about $1000 body... not a $2500. More expensive than a $300 camera, but cheaper than some higher-end DSLRs. Spending $799 + $900 (if not covered under warranty), doesn't seem unreasonable to me in a year for one camera body that gets very heavy-duty use.

Hey Amy,

Odds are the best deal you'll have is a set of K3's given the 200k MTBF shutter rating. Sure there are Canikon's which reach over 300k but likely not under the heavy use like your's see though obviously they get used to reach that level of actuations.

I found an forgotten article with a slew of shutter life stats. The curves are interesting:

http://www.olegkikin.com/shutterlife/ (original stats)

http://petapixel.com/2012/12/22/look-up-your-cameras-lifespan-with-the-shutter-life-expectancy-database/  {stat analysis sorta}

Looking at the numbers I sense you made the right choice based on numbers.  However do we  know for certain that Pentax's rating is a MTBF?  In these days of blatant lies in ads being just fine, I would look at the number with a jaundiced eye.

Perhaps a stable of 3-4 bodies in rotation would let you stay in business while allowing for in-service failures and sending a body in for a new shutter every few months.

It would be interesting to look at more up to date numbers from the pages listed above to see what, if any, improvements have actually been made.

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