After advice in my move from dSLR to Fuji mirrorless

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After advice in my move from dSLR to Fuji mirrorless

Hello all,

I'm hoping to jack in my D700 for a Fuji system. I photograph mainly travel & landscape plus some wildlife. Always shoot RAW, mainly colour but increasingly getting into B/W. I would like to get back to shooting 'old school', as if I had my old FM back! ie manual focus, manual everything!

My choices are steering me towards: XE-1 or XE2 or XPRO1 with (later additions) X100s or X100 as back up.

First I have just(!) 10 Questions:

1) HIGH ISO - I like to shoot, frequently, to 1600 on my D700 with Auto-ISO. Will these Fuji's be a step down, on par, or improvement? Do they all have AutoISO?

2) TIMELAPSE - I like to dabble with the interval timer. Is there any work around to do this on the XPRO1? If not, do you think there is enough demand for a firmware upgrade to feature this?

3) EVF - only ever tried it on older cameras. I hated the sensation of viewing through a 'mini-TV' and the whole lag thing. I swore to always stick to optical - Have things improved dramatically in the last several years, or am I best having the choice of OVF on the XPRO1?

4) MANUAL FOCUS ABILITY - One of my biggest bugbears with the D700 is the fact the viewfinder isn't clear enough for manual focus. I am frequently frustrated when shooting wide-open to discover I'd focused on the end of someone's nose rather than their eyes (in AF or MF). As I intend to keep my old Nikon lenses and focus manually will this be an easy task on the Fuji's? Do I need to switch to EVF for this function? Is there any kind of split image screen, like old style (I believe XE2 does)? How good is the focus peaking (I believe all models have this)? Will this always be able to tell me I have the eyes in focus?! (in AF and/or Manual)

Follow up question to above:

5) NIKON LENS? Can all Fuji X mount Nikon lenses? (with suitable adapter)? I'm guessing aperture is stopped down and focus will be manual - This will not bother me as I intend to shoot full manual anyway - But where does that leave the focusing options again -must this be EVF or can OVF be used?

6) TOUGH? My D700 has been through the thick of it! How would these cameras cope?

7) TIMINGS - lag & start-up time are my only concerns. Will I notice these coming from the 'instantaneous' D700? (I rarely shoot 'with the button down', so write speeds not such a concern to me)

8) BATTERY LIFE - This should actually be a bit further up the list! It's quite important to me - I go for long periods of time away from mains.

9) X100 or X100s - Is there much difference? This would be a backup body which would be purchased further down the line.

10) So - based on your experience (especially if you've made the jump from dSLR yourself) and my needs which camera should I get? Feel free to throw spanners into my works with suggestions of other systems or cameras (though I am mostly impressed by Fuji due to their tendency to improve their gear with firmware updates, and the quality of images on this here forum).

Thanks for reading through all this! And appreciation in advance for your replies...

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