First post in a while - My move from Nikon to Fuji for Wedding Photography

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Re: First post in a while - My move from Nikon to Fuji for Wedding Photography

Been thinking along those lines myself. Shot  a wedding at the weekend using a d700 with 70-200mm and d800 with 24-70mm, one on a sling and the other hung round my neck. Believe me once the light goes and the flash guns go on, that's some heavy kit!

Back end of last year I purchased a XE1 with the excellent 18-55mm "kit" lens. I've since bought the 14mm & the 55-200mm and have used it extensively since for family stuff, street and landscape but never professionally until the wedding last weekend.

I've been a little concerned that to the paying public, the sight of  a reassuringly large camera equates with quality, and if your camera looks smaller than "Uncle Bobs" at a wedding that must mean that Uncle Bob must be a better photographer  - I'm sure anyone in the trade knows what I mean!!

however the Fuji does have a look of quality that does help to equate this somewhat, and I've had several people come up to me to talk about  the rangefinders they used to use, not realising the Fuji is a thoroughly modern camera, and when I used it as a supplement to my other 2 cameras at last weekends wedding, it was generally well received and was discrete enough that I did get to get a couple of shots were the guest would have possible turned away, or hidden their faces when they see a huge d800 going up to my eye!

my main concern is the XE1 (which has all the firmware updates) did seem to take a little longer to lock on than my Nikons do, which did take away from how discreet it is - by the time it locked on the guest in question quite often realised the camera was pointing in their direction and the candid moment was gone. I'm hoping that the XE2 or XT1 are better in this regard?

my other big concern is the lack of a decent flash system. Although I was getting pretty clean shots even at ISO 3200, once the lights go down and the dancing starts I need a good flash. For my Nikons I use a SB800 and SB910, which I can angle and bounce etc, but the Fuji flash designed the the x system certainly looks nice but not being able to bounce it is a real draw back, it looks like quite a bit of effort is required to get the best out of it, which is fine when you've got the time to mess with the settings, but not so good when at a wedding or similar event and looking to capture candids with the minimum of fuss - for that I need something similar to the Nikons which I can just switch on twist the head to the direction I want and go!

i really like the Fuji system and can see these and other mirrorless systems taking over as photographers dare to let go of their SLRs. I'm really hoping for an XPro2 - I've started building up lenses and did look at the XT1, but after years of using SLRs I've really been enjoying the rangefinder style, but as I say, I really wish they'd develop a decent flash system.

im sure there's plenty of readers out there ready to take me to task and tell me the ef x20 flash is fantastic if you take the time to use it properly, and I'm sure it is, but I really need to just switch on and go

anyone using this system professionally, finding the same problem and if so how have you worked round it.

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