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Re: You're getting super results in no time flat!!!

Hi R2!

Thanks so much for a great post and lots of good advice! Of course I don't mind your pictures - I love seeing them and learning what you do to get your best shots. That Ghost in the Pines is a beautifully chilling image - makes an eagle proud

You know, I notice you are shooting at 5.6 in every picture? I used to always shoot wide open and for some reason I stopped. I can't remember exactly why - I thought when I jacked the shutter up it produced more noise in the blue skies - not sure though. Would you mind taking a look at my pictures again and tell me how you would have set the camera using f/5.6 as your starting point.

It does seem that that alone might give me some more detail in certain situations. I am paranoid about blowing the head and tail out (you really have to be when not shooting RAW).

Here are two shots of my first eagle at a nest. I got extremely lucky to have the male flaunt his fish while circling low than higher and higher until he got up to the nest. And after three years of shooting eagle nests I still have never captured a shot where the eagle AND the fish are this clear and such a good angle. Funny.

I'll call both shots 'Beginners Luck' because I never expected this eagle to fly down so close and with a fish - it was an ugly, cold February day with my 50D/400mm.

I'm really going to try RAW the next eagle shoot and f/5.6. I am in a rut and would like to try something different.

One thing you said is so true - get the head and tail right and sometimes you just have to forfeit body detail - it is what it is.

You should post your eagle with the hitchhiker series again - if for nothing else to remind those people who have older Canons and might be feeling out of the loop just what a FANTASTIC job those cameras do!!! I am in awe of that capture and quite frankly a little GREEN with envy

Thanks again R2, for your pictures and comments!

- barb

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