Setting the INTERVAL TIMER on a D800.....

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Re: Thanks to mathi_vadhanan and tomnorth ! Problem solved !!!

JP Scherrer wrote:

Janoch wrote:

JP Scherrer wrote:

Have I been doing something wrong or is my D800 faulty ?

Very clever of you not to show the release mode dial!

My bets are on, that you're in self-timer mode?

Very clever of you to have noticed that I purposely hidden the release mode dial ! ...but I thought that it wasn't important !

...anyhow I can swear that the damn thing was set -of course- to Single Shot !

Okay, I owe you a beer then!

I checked later, and if you had indeed your dial set at any other setting, it would have shown in the the shots above. So my bad for not checking properly!

JP Scherrer wrote:

Indeed it was one setting NORMALLY DEDICATED TO VIDEO, the G4, which was wrongly set and prevented moving the choice to ON !

WintrHawk wrote in :

Are you also trying to do time-lapse? Also, what is your setting for CSM g4? See page 203 of the D800 User's Manual [EN].

Interval timer photography can not be combined with long time-exposures (bulb photography, pg 124) or time-lapse photography (pg 207) and is not available when Record movies is selected for Custom Setting g4 (Assign shutter button, pg 324).

I haven't noticed NOWHERE in the Nikon or Thom Hogan that one should set the damn G4 setting to "TAKE PHOTOS" !!! I don't even remember having changed this setting since I bought my D800, as I DO NOT SHOOT VIDEO !

Now, I set it correctly and..... miracle: it works ! The stupid ON thing is now avaliable !!!

...someone SHOULd write to Nikon AND to Thom Hogan and let them know about this unforgettable ommission ! I'm happy !!!

Page 203 clearly states "Interval timer... is not available, when record movies is selected for CS g4"...

Someone has to stand up for poor, innocent Nikon!

Happy shooting!

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