Setting the INTERVAL TIMER on a D800.....

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JP Scherrer
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Thanks to mathi_vadhanan and tomnorth ! Problem solved !!!

Indeed it was one setting NORMALLY DEDICATED TO VIDEO, the G4, which was wrongly set and prevented moving the choice to ON !

WintrHawk wrote in :

Are you also trying to do time-lapse? Also, what is your setting for CSM g4? See page 203 of the D800 User's Manual [EN].

Interval timer photography can not be combined with long time-exposures (bulb photography, pg 124) or time-lapse photography (pg 207) and is not available when Record movies is selected for Custom Setting g4 (Assign shutter button, pg 324).

I haven't noticed NOWHERE in the Nikon or Thom Hogan that one should set the damn G4 setting to "TAKE PHOTOS" !!! I don't even remember having changed this setting since I bought my D800, as I DO NOT SHOOT VIDEO !

Now, I set it correctly and..... miracle: it works ! The stupid ON thing is now avaliable !!!

...someone SHOULd write to Nikon AND to Thom Hogan and let them know about this unforgettable ommission ! I'm happy !!!


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