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Re: the magic of bokeh


Thanks Erik

Made a bo-boooo...it's Helios 40-2 and "F" mount is for Nikon mount...I fell in love with old russian lenses and the way they render bokeh and backgrounds ...some people love it...some hate it...so when Zenit decided to reissue some of them in "native" mounts (no adapters to play with ) ..I just had to break the piggy bank and get it ..here is the link to the glass used ..


I just want to throw that in , because I'd noticed many multi-system users on this forum

With "native" mounts you can reach infinity focus and don't worry about mirror clearances as some cameras mirror will hit rear element when focused to infinity...don't get me wrong ...I still love my Panasonic FZ200 and will never let it go...I just learned to appreciate manual lenses and time and care you have to take with them to take "creative" photos ...only editing done to this was conversion from RAW in SilkyPix Pro and resize for posting ...love that software...works with any RAW file from any camera you think to throw at it

Thanks again for comment

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