What is Back Button Focus all about?

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Re: What is Back Button Focus all about?

I just got my first DSLR on Feb 28th for my birthday.

One of the first things a friend got me to do was turn on back button focus and I am so glad that I did. Why?

1. Makes you think more about composition. Get focus then move the camera to get composition.

2. Lets me use rule of thirds much easier

3. Allows me to always use the center focus points which on most cameras is the best.

4. I find it is just easier to get a preview of my exposure. I'm not as tempted to just half click then full click.

5. In live view mode it allows me to focus, zoom in, focus again then shoot.

The best thing is when I hand the camera to my wife and she puts it into auto the camera goes out of back button focusing.

It is true all this can be done without back button focus but it is just easier and to me now second nature. I'd never go back... errr wait.. you know what i mean

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