Sharpest 24mm prime to go on a D610

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Re: Sharpest 24mm prime to go on a D610

The Nikon 24/1.4G has decent borders on my D800E once you stop it down to about F/7.1 - F/9, much like many other fairly wide angle lenses. You're right in that wide angles are tough designs within the context of modern high rez bodies, so it's no surprise the older ones aren't that hot.

The 24/1.4G sets itself apart from the zooms by nature of it's contrast and rendering though - there is not a better lens IMO for water work, sunsets and sunsets over water, night shots, etc.

In the 24mm options, I consider the 24/1.4G Nikon and Zeiss 25/2 at the top of the heap, followed by the 18-35G (the new one) at 24mm, then the 16-35 and 14-24 right behind that. All pretty solid at 24mm honestly.


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