what do you assume?

Started Mar 25, 2014 | Discussions thread
DenWil Veteran Member • Posts: 3,008
That my sister and my best friend love me.

edwardaneal wrote:

politically, religiously, whatever

some one says something you instinctively think is wrong based on what you have been taught and your personally experiences make you think - do you:

A: assume they are a moron and just dismiss them


B: assume they might have information you don't have and want to know more.

I don't assume anything else.

On any given subject I either have the facts or I don't. There is nothing particularly instinctive involved other than the instinct to get the facts before I open my mouth.

If someone says something which contradicts those facts then they are mistaken. Oh, yea, and they're likely  a moron- or just very young- for  not having the facts before they try to lecture me.

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