An interesting read about the state of the camera industry..

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Re: An interesting read about the state of the camera industry..

Eclectant wrote:

I think the bottle neck lies in what happens to the images once they are taken, and unless processing and printing becomes much easier and less time consuming, a lot of people are going to stay frustrated with their cameras and pass on the upgrades. For social media sharing and iPad viewing almost any camera today is good enough.

Home printing is a nightmare for a lot of photographers, and making large prints is the major reason to have anything over 16MP. All the post processing, calibration, printer profiling etc. is a whole different skill set, very frustrating and time consuming for most.

People are learning that even cameras from last generations, far exceed their abilities to exploit them fully.

Very true. Smartphones have decimated the low end but they aren't going to stop there. They will add multiple sensors and with software emulate the effects of larger sensors. They will add flexible lenses to give zoom lenses with the same size they currently have. I would not be surprised if eventually cellphones can take on the functionality of low-end DSLRs but with much better ability to handle the images once they are taken.

Meanwhile the camera companies can't figure out how to send a picture to your computer easily for processing. The enthusiast market isn't big enough to support all these camera companies. I suspect in five years this market is going to look very different.

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