The metering system in mirrorless cameras is better than DSLRs?

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Re: The metering system in mirrorless cameras is better than DSLRs?

Think like this:

Mirrorless cameras use the actual sensor for light metering (these days this is at least 16M pixels). The light falls on the sensor directly, just as it will during the exposure. Many pixels allow for elaborate algorithms to calculate the overall exposure (smart matrix metering...).

SLRs use a separate light sensor for metering. The light reaches this sensor after passing through mirrors, sub-mirrors, prisms or similar. The number of sites measuring the light is limited to hundreds, rather than thousands. This leads to less detailed analysis of the scene (the meter can miss a speck of highlight...)

This is the theory, at least. In practice accuracy also depends on the execution of the hardware and the software algorithms. But I can see why, all other things being equal, mirrorles metering could be more accurate.

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