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Re: No such lame upgrade please...

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That's more like it , and with a version of the D4s sensor , slightly higher resolution maybe, but not 36mp. Low light abilities paramount.

Just buy a used D3s. Nikon won't make a mini D4s and sell it for 3k just to please you.

Too true . What about the other few thousand potential customers - punters who will never buy a large bodied camera again , but would still like the option like to access the specs of the D4s.

Money on the table going begging ,are you saying Nikon do not want the extra business , would rather have former customers defect ? Strange plan for greater profits.

What Nikon would need to look at is how much extra profit this camera would generate. Suppose it was just a D800 with a D4s sensor, say a D800H - the R&D costs would be small, there would be some costs associated with the extra inventory and advertising costs, but lets assume that they are zero. So, this camera would cost essentially the same to build as a D4s (don't be fooled that the extra few centimetres on the bottom costs a whole load), but it's going to sell for $3k less. So for each of these D800H that it sells, where the buyer substitutes it for a D4s sale, Nikon has lost $3k in profit. Then of course you'd need to know that these were genuinely additional sales, if the person buying would have bought a vanilla D800 if the H hadn't existed, then that's also no gain to Nikon. Put all those together, and it;s very likely that Nikon would make next to nothing form a D800H, which is very likely why they haven't made one. I think the key to the spec of the Df is that Nikon thought it would actually generate additional sales.

I see the logic  and you could well be correct .

But somehow this  argument creates even further annoyance and dissatisfaction.  Certain products which could exist are being sidelined for too frequent mass market iterations that end up as inventory build up in storage awaiting fire sales.   Cameras wanted by many enthusiasts are not available for the reasons you outline , but what is readily available is not now moving as anticipated.  How much potential profit is being squandered by this practice .

There has to be a better way to target resources  and sort this lopsided equation.    None of these tiresome issue impact the brand positively either , and that must have a value too.

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