NEX LA-EA2 Telezooms

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Re: NEX LA-EA2 Telezooms

adymitruk wrote:

Annex wrote:

I'm looking to get a telezoom for my NEX-5N and wondering what others are using out there...

Pretty much thinking I'll get an A mount lens to use with my LA-EA2 to get slightly faster AF (for any wildlife stuff I might do). As even the 55-200 E mount is too big for a pocket I may as well get an A mount I figure and get faster AF and more reach - If it doesnt fit in a pocket anyway then size beyond that is less of an issue.

Narrowed it down to 2 main options:

  • Sigma 70-300mm f4-5.6 DG OS - Mainline consumer lens but with in lens OS (£300 approx in the UK)
  • Tamron SP 70-300mm VC USD f4-5.6 - Higher quality optically but no OS in lens for the sony version (£315 approx in the UK)

It appears to come down to a choice between better optics vs stablisation. Does anyone have experience of these 2 lenses with the NEX system? Any other options to consider?

I intend to mainly use it to shoot distant landscapes with the occasional wildlife shot mixed in so speed isnt massively important to me. Most of my short lenses are MF but for this I would definitely prefer AF.

Appreciate any input people have.

I'm very happy with my Tamron 200-500mm and LA-EA2. I'm going to get the LA-EA1 to remove the extra glass and don't need AF.

Would it then not make more sense to use a cheapo $10 adapter through ebay or something?

Oh wait... then the lens-id and aperture wouldn't be readable/controlled by the camera, never mind...

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