Rumored D800s

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Re: Rumored D800s

david vella wrote:

arachnophilia wrote:

The D4s sensor is what would define a D700 replacement, the rest is gravy.

Think that option went with the Df - Nikon decided to do it a different way.

The Df is a not a D700 replacement for so many well documented reasons.

exactly. clearly, the sensor doesn't define the D700 replacement.

This is semantics , apologies if my meaning was not clear. I thought it was taken for granted that a D700 replacement would be a modern camera , not a retro pastiche. Within that, between the lines context, a D4s sensor defines an appreciable spec difference between a D800s and a mini D4s

The whole 'D700 replacement' line is semantics. Clearly, so far as Nikon is concerned the D700 replacement is the D800, that's why they gave it the next number in the series and stopped making the D700 when it came out. Now, Nikon has retargetted the camera, just as Canon retargetted the 5DII replacement, which was somewhat predictably called the 5DIII, despite being a camera designed to appeal more to a different set of photographers.

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