Two Recent V1 ISO 3200 Photos

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Two Recent V1 ISO 3200 Photos

I interrupt the V3 bashing, DxO-score quoting, and DPR studio comparing to bring you a type of thread that used to be the norm here - sharing photos and techniques.

A lot has been stated about how bad Nikon 1 cameras are at high ISOs. Relative to other contemporary cameras that might very well be true. But I have generally been quite pleased with the results I get at ISO 3200 from my V1. The "grain" in the photos reminds me of what I used to get from old high-ISO color films like Ektar 1000 and Ektapress 1600.

I prefer to use low ISOs (100, 200, 400) whenever possible, even with my D7000. But sometimes higher ISOs are unavoidable, such as when shooting inside a gymnasium my son has indoor-soccer practices at. I like to get maximum detail out of my photos, so I set High ISO NR to OFF. I figure that I can always use NR software later if the noise in a photo bothers me.

The first shot is an OOC JPEG of my 8-year-old son at an indoor soccer practice. His hair is an unruly mess because he reacts to me approaching him with a comb or a brush the way others would react when approached by someone with a taser or a cattle prod - he runs away. I used the very good 30-110mm lens to take this photo. At ISO 3200 the V1 is capable of recording a surprising amount of detail. Noise, however, can be quite visible in areas with continuous tones; but (to me at least) it has a pleasing film-grain look to it.

My son at an indoor soccer practice. Nikon V1. ISO 3200. 30-110mm lens.

Taking shots in this gymnasium showed the V1 has one weakness when it is used indoors with a fairly-slow lens like the 30-110mm - the AF can be SSLLLLOOOOWW. I understand that once the light level drops below a certain point the V1's hybrid PD/CD focusing system becomes a strictly CD system.

The next shot is a mostly OOC JPEG of my daughter. (I deliberately blurred out the face of a girl on a tricycle in the background using Apple Aperture.) I needed to set the ISO to 3200 for gymnasium shots like the one above in order to maximize the shutter speed and minimize motion blur. But I forgot to set the ISO back to my normal outdoor setting of Auto ISO 100-800 before I took shots of my kids at this playground. The result, however, is surprisingly good for a high ISO shot, with lots of detail and a good tonal range being recorded. I shot it using the often maligned 10-30mm kit lens, which I think is actually pretty good.

My daughter on a playground. Nikon V1. ISO 3200. 10-30mm kit lens.

I hope that others will also share some of their recent Nikon 1 shots. Perhaps we can get those "Photos For <Insert Month>" threads going again.


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