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36MP in crop mode or a 5D3

ZinMe wrote:

Thanks for all the responses, although its disappointing to here about the AF limitations of the D800e. From reviews I'd read, I thought the AF would be better than my D300, some of these reviews said "same AF performance as D4.... basically state of the art" but the reality is a bit different I guess.

There are some changes I could make based on the input above:

  • Re-tune AF for longer distance (ex. 100ft vs. 60ft)
  • Experiment with few AF tracking points
  • The point about DOF is good-- perhaps I need to use f4.0-4.5 for FX mode whereas f3.2-f3.5 was OK for DX
  • My shutter speed was high, so that isn't the issue
  • Better lens collar, monopod and technique would help

But, I can't tell from the comments above if these changes are likely to yield a better than or equal to D300 AF experience from the tone of the comments above?

I may rent a D3s + 200-400 for comparison. My problem is that I would likely want another camera body for non-sports, not sure I could justify the expense for the amount I shoot.

Reading about the Canon 5D MkIII, at 6fps and reportedly best of class AF, I'm a bit jealous.



If the sports photos are paying the bills then  a camera that was promoted as a medium format substitute  is an illogical choice. The Canon has a third fewer MP - what you get in DX mode perhaps on the 800- and was designed for multi purpose.

If you consider that the 1Dx and D4 are pro sports, 5D3 multi purpose, D800e  MF sub with a lean towards landscape, art and product,  I would conclude the 5D3 is your  best bet.

I shoot MF and when I do shoot sports the subject is less than 15 feet away and often I can prefocus. For all other uses the 800e and its 36MP would suit my output fine, and I would not go fewer.

I would conclude that it comes down to priorities. Higher MP available for sedentary subjects or a more robust AF for when you do shoot action. Since you were shooting in crop mode it would seem the MP count is not a biggie. Once again that leaves you with the Canon unless its a glass thing.

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