D4s has smaller RAW buffer than D4??

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Re: D4s has smaller RAW buffer than D4??

I saw something this past weekend while using my D4s for a high school baseball game that surprised me along the same line as what you are seeing..

The green light on back of the camera that indicates the camera was writing to the cards seem to stay on longer than what I was used to on the D4 when I would fire off a sequence of 6 to 8 shots. I just wrote it off as a different memory card. I have been using a Sony 16gb (H level) XQD card in the D4 for 2 years and I had a Sony 32gb (N level) in the D4s this past Saturday at the game.

I will have to try the Sony 16gb card in the D4s and see if the green light stays on a shorter time.

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