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T O Shooter wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

david vella wrote:

A true meaningful successor to the D700 would require the D4s innards in the small body option, ditto a D300s update scaled to DX.

The D800 already has the D4 innards. Just the high MP sensor that the EXPEED can't clear the data off so fast. The D800 shutter, mirror and AF work fine at 6FPS and very likely faster than that (since they appear to use the same components as the D4)

Well it doesn't have the sensor, as you say, but it certainly doesn't have the AF system either.

Why do you say that? What evidence is there that the D800's AF system is any different to the D4's? Nikon might have tuned the algorithms differently for the different priorities of a differently purposed camera, but the hardware is just the same.

If there's any truth to it that it has the D4S AF, I'd sell my 800e and use the D4 until the 800s comes. I might even do it now to have a jump up on the price hit the 800e will take later on. Something to think about.

The AF components are only half the story. Almost certainly the AF systems are tuned differently, since the D800 needs to get more accurate focus than the D4, but doesn't need to do it so fast. I would guess that the same will be true of the D4s vs the D800s.

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