D4s has smaller RAW buffer than D4??

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Re: D4s has smaller RAW buffer than D4??

DudleyG wrote:

Three questions...

1.) Did you verify that both cameras had custom setting "a1" set to "Release". If either camera was set to either "Focus+Release" or "Release+Focus", you would definitely see slower fps speeds.

I did not check that - but did not see slower fps - I saw less images before the buffer filled.

2.) Were you using AF-Area Mode set to "Single-point AF" and using the center point on both cameras? If the either camera was set to any of the "Dynamic-Area AF" options, you would definitely see slower speeds.

Yes - both at single point AFC, center point - again,did not see slower speeds - just less RAW images til the buffer filled.

3.) Reading your original post, it sounds like you used the exact same physical memory card in both cameras to test, i.e. you took the card out of one camera and put it the other camera. However, was there a second card in either of the cameras? The frame rate seems to vary based on the second card if even the second card is set for overflow.

only one card in each camera (the same XQD card transferred) - I reformatted in each camera before the burst.

The main reason I am asking the 3 questions is -- if the D4s was really operating at 11fps and the D4 was really operating a 10fps, the D4s is actually putting more data into the buffer faster than the D4 and all Nikon cameras seem to favor allowing the camera to write into the buffer over having the camera dump the buffer (write) to the memory card. Therefore, the buffer will fill up faster (assuming both cameras have the same size buffer) with the D4s and won't get cleared as quick on the D4s as it would on the D4, because the D4s camera is busy writing to the buffer and not writing to the card. I am assuming both cameras would write to the card at the same speed since that is primarily controlled by the speed of the card.

I tried the D4s at 10 fps as well and the result was the same - much lower than the D4?

Also have heard but can't verify that where the D4s has a faster processor, it would likely write the data faster to the buffer and fill the buffer faster even if it was operating a 10fps.

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