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Re: I Returned the K3

Wallace Ross wrote:

I dont one know what the answer would ultimately be for you but if you shoot 7500 frames in a day I think you might want to look for a solution maybe with an electronic shutter or cheaper. 20,0000/7500 = 26.7. So 27 days of shooting would bring you to the level of the shutter rating. If you pay $1000 for the camera that's $37 per day in wear and tear. The great thing about the k-3 of course is the built in intervelometer.

I'm open to suggestions.

The problem is, low-end point-and-shoot cameras are going to present their own issues, not provide the dynamic range, have less-than-ideal high ISO performance, might not be weather-sealed, etc. Plus, I'm going to say there will probably be durability issues there as well -- might not be shutter, but other problems (overheating, battery performance, etc.)

Four months seems to be about how long the camera will go (rated at 100,000 shutter actuations). I just had the K5-II loaner from Pentax die on me yesterday at 115,000 shutter actuations. This isn't unexpected at all... but the camera had no other issues up to that point... not a single problem since November. It performed reliably and exactly as expected... until the shutter died.

Covered under warranty, it shouldn't be an issue. Even if not covered under warranty, the replacement shutter cost shouldn't be more than about $300.

The K5-II/K5-IIs is about $1000 body... not a $2500. More expensive than a $300 camera, but cheaper than some higher-end DSLRs. Spending $799 + $900 (if not covered under warranty), doesn't seem unreasonable to me in a year for one camera body that gets very heavy-duty use.


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