f-number equivalent between m43 and FF

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Re: f-number equivalent between m43 and FF

Why aren't these questions ever asked about 135 sized sensors compared to medium format, or 135 sized sensors compared to APS-C? Yes there are differences in equivalency. A lot of it because of total light falling on the sensor. Much as a radio antenna's length in regard to the frequency's wavelength improves the SNR, larger sensors do provide for high ISO improvements, and in later designs DR improvements too (along with resolution benefits because of high megapixel content) but the improvements in sensor tech of many modern cameras, especially M43 and above have to be taken into consideration as good enough for many or even most, who don't print bus size posters (I'm exaggerating a bit), also the unobtrusiveness of a smaller format, and the ease of transport has a bearing for certain styles of shooting. Yes there are certain discerning people who want perfection, even if they don't use it...and yes some do use it. If shallow DOF is your style it can also be done with lenses that do need to be faster than 135 format lenses to achieve the same DOF for the same FOV (and at times are more expensive than their FF equivalents in OEM versions), but then again more good fast older manual focus primes can be adapted to M43 (in general and at very reasonable prices) because of register distances than many FF cameras, excluding thankfully Sony (which has a short register distance as far as I know). So there are a lot of variables and trade offs which have to be taken into consideration, as to what ones needs and desires are. To me, having both would be ideal. So that is why, along with some other reasons asI stated farther up the thread, I said Yes and No in my opinion. I don't think there are any easy answers to most things.

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