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Re: Thanks for that. Makes sense. /nt

tex wrote:

"I would like to see photography make people despise painting until something else will make photography unbearable." Marcel Duchamp

Fabulous Duchamp quote! Thanks for that! On that line of thought...

I have the a7R and have both found the DR fantastic and the Sony HVLF60M underwhelming. I know some will say the Sony flash is fine when used manually and not at full power but it sucks when having been convinced to go 180 degrees to mirrorless - selling off ALL my Canon DSLR gear only to find I can't take more than 5-7 full power TTL flash shots without the flash shutting down.

I feel, in my mind, that life needs to get easier, not harder to be as Duchamp points out. I love convenience and ease. I also love being an early adopter and testing new gear.

The Sony flash is going back to Amazon today and I'm getting a Metz 52AF-1, which I read doesn't suffer from the performance issues the Sony 60M does.

I took some head shots off the cuff yesterday after shooting some video for a client at her home with my a7R and forgot to reset the ISO to a lower level. I wasn't shooting with flash and never thought about changing the ISO for some reason!

These RAW shots are wonderful. Shot with the Zeiss 2470SEL lens at 1/125, at F4 of course and 4000ISO. When opening the files in Photoshop I couldn't believe the level adjustment range available - highlight, shadows etc.

I will make it a point to avoid flash as much as possible, using reflectors for light as needed and make my life easier shooting in higher ISO enjoying the benefit of my Sonya7R!


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