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Re: Looking for a beginning camera

Joseph Mama wrote:

I dunno man. This might be worth outsourcing to some local startup photographer. A craiglist ad might be the way to go. This wouldnt be an every-day thing right? You dont like use an Axe and go apeshit with paint buckets to generate your art right?

Therefore, due to the complexity of the situation and the need for it to be done right, I'd strongly consider having it done as needed. Every so once in a while you take some paintings into their studio or house and they do their thing.

The cheapest DSLR is gonna be a Canon EOS M

Right, lets recommend an APS-C camera with the worst base ISO DR (highest base ISO noise) available. And it is NOT a DSLR. Sheesh!

with a pancake prime lens kit for around 300ish.

The lens focal length IS NOT the best suitable for photographing art. He would benefit from something longer (with less rectilinear distortion), and with a flat field, like a macro lens.

It has a big APS-C sensor and good image quality, with an included external flash

You don't want to photograph pictures with direct flash.

that can also trigger other flash units. Though you likely will just use normal lighting.

The suggestion of one of the Sigma DP Merrils, specifically either DP2M or DP3M depending on the size of the art in question, is actually a pretty good one. DP3M for smaller objects, like pictures. The downside is that the raw pictures will have to be processed in Sigma's own software.

Another possibility is a high-res DSLR or mirrorless, like Nikon D5200 or Sony A6000, with a good lens.

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