Will the Nikon D5 be a mirrorless full-frame camera?

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Re: Will the Nikon D5 be a mirrorless full-frame camera?

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Flanking from the high-end would seem like a safe way for Nikon to introduce large-sensor mirrorless without cannibalizing DSLR sales.

Mirrorless camera sales are poor in both North America and Europe, so that would be an unsafe choice.

It has nothing to do with mirrorless, it has everything to do with brand and size. DSLRs from Olympus, Panasonic, Fuji and Sony did not sell either - their mirroress sell better.

DSLRs sells less then mirrorless? Do you have some research that show this?

Apparently all these companies did have research because they all killed their DSLRs.

Just because I know a lot of people that bought a DSLR in the last couple of years and very few that bought a mirrorless.

Are you sure you know ANY people who bought Olympus, Panasonic, Fuji or Sony DSLRs in the last couple of years? I don't believe you.

I am sure you know people who bought Canon and Nikon cameras in the last few years - but these companies simply don't make mirrorless worth mentioning. Same with Pentax - but nobody buys them anyway. It is all about brand.

Correct... they all bought Canon or Nikon DSLRs. That's why I think that, at least in my area, overall DSLRs sales are higher than mirrorless sales.

But not because they are DSLR, but because they are Canon and Nikon. Brand sells.

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