I see the Olympus E-M10 supports MPO

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Re: I see the Olympus E-M10 supports MPO

Glen Barrington wrote:

Martin.au wrote:

Glen Barrington wrote:

Thanks guys, The more I learn about the E-M10, the more I feel it is the right upgrade path for me.

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Well, it may not work with the E-M10. It depends on the firmware. The E-M5 has it, but the E-M1 requires the 3d lens.

Understood, but the existence of MPO support implies a direction of investigation and learning not open to me previously. That's to the good.

And all the other decision points I've encountered also point to the E-M10 as the most likely upgrade path from my E30, so even if the MPO feature turns out to be a false lead, I don't think that minor disappointment would alter the decision tree any.

I'm trying to be as logical as possible. I intend to try and follow the upgrade path that makes the most sense! And right now, everything points to the E-M10 for me.

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If you have nice 4/3 lenses for your E30, I would wait for E-M5 II which will probably support them properly like E-m1 does, but in a smaller, lighter and cheaper package. Photokina is so close anyway, makes sense to wait.

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