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Re: 1:1 ease-of-use across cameras

marcoventuriniautieri wrote:


I like a lot the square 1:1 format. It is one of the reasons I like my iPhone and my Bronica SQ-A (two very different cameras that are however linked together by the easiness in shooting square!).

I am considering the purchase of a new camera and, for some reasons that are long to list, I am trying to choose between the Fuji X-T1, The Olympus OM-D EM-1, the Panasonic GH4.

Knowing what kind of experience they offer to photographers seeking the square format would help me a lot.

For instance, I have handled a Canon EOS 6D that offers shooting square however only the live view mode offer a square live image. Buying a 6D to shoot without its main viewfinder would be a little silly, I think.

So, I would like to know, if you can answer please, how the aforementioned cameras behave while shooting 1:1.

On Olympus m43 - very easy.

Do they offer a cropped view, with black around the image? Or do they offer grid lines?


Do they behave the same in their viewfinder as in their external LCD?


Do they save a 1:1 RAW file, when shooting square, of they save the full res RAW file?

Full res RAW file, but with the crop information stored in the metainfo, so the supporting raw converters could offer the crop by default.

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