What is the bokeh like on the FE55 1.8?

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Re: What is the bokeh like on the FE55 1.8?

Even though the lens is only 1.8, at 55 it is slightly more telephoto then other 50's so I imagine the bokeh level is closer to f1.6 on a standard 50.

But that is not the full story.  This lens is surgically sharp.  This sharpness is part of what, for me, makes the bokeh on this lens my favourite of any lens i have ever shot on.  The sharpness creates a pop between the subject and background as opposed to other lens with more extreme bokeh vut where, wide open they are lacking that sharpness all around so there is just kind of like a squishy to mushy effect, like say on the 10,000$ noctilux.

I couldn't be happier with this lens.  It encourages me to zoom.  Back in the day I would switch out my primes to use a 24-70 to shoot most events.  Now I am switching out my f4 24-70 zeiss for this lens and foot zooming.

If you are a bokeh addict get in close with this lens, that is where the magic happens.

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