D4s has smaller RAW buffer than D4??

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Re: D4s has smaller RAW buffer than D4??

crosstype wrote:

Yes, it looks like the D4s operating system uses more RAM so it has less buffer available for the images. Meanwhile, the D4s shoots 10% faster, thus the buffer is filled up faster.

With identical settings and 14-bit lossless compressed RAW only, my D4 shows [r53] in the viewfinder, while my D4s shows [r44] in the viewfinder.

Shooting at 11 fps will fill the buffer faster, but should not mean the buffer can hold less images. Something still seems weird as the Manual indicates the D4s should be doing better:

D4s Buffer Specs

D4 Buffer Specs

This suggests that the D4s should actually do better than the D4 in terms of buffer capacity with 14 bit lossless RAW - but I'm seeing an almost 30% reduction in buffer capacity on the D4s in this scenario?  Strange...

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