Overexposed - some help please.

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l_d_allan wrote:

RayGuselli wrote:
I never thought of a one image HDR and have programs to do it..

I have my doubts that you can accomplish more with "one image HDR" than you can with appropriate tweaking of PV2012 sliders and Tone Curve. But I haven't really tried that, and could be uninformed on that.

Also, must try bracketing as you say, if the shots fire quick enough it may just work.

In daylight, you can often have a fast enough shutter speed so the 2 or 3 shots can be aligned adequately in post processing. Obviously, you need a static subject, and be extra careful to avoid camera movement. A monopod helps.

I'm curious what the original image looked like. Where was the sun in relation to you and the girl-on-horse? Was the girl in silhouette?

I did take a look at the .NEF. It appears the sun was behind the clouds, just off the horse's rump. That makes exposure very difficult.

Hi l_d_allan

Many thanks for your input...much appreciated.

My daughter was in front of the sun, meaning I was shooting against the sun creating a silhouette.

Although behind the clouds it was obviously bright enough to cause the problem.

I must try bracketing but of course, not sure how static my subject would have been...

Best wishes Ray

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Ray, not wanting to beat a dead horse, but when you bracket, you don't have have to use all the images. You can pick the one one that allows the best range of adjustment in post-processing. In this case, it might be better to start from an image that was 1 stop underexposed relative to this picture, since it would allow you to recover the highlights better, while not making the shadows so deep that your daughters face would be too noisy when you tried to lift the shadows.

The option to do HDR with bracketed images is entirely separate. Don't think of HDR as the only reason to bracket.
- Bill

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