First day with X-E2 -- definitely NOT good :(

Started Mar 25, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: First day with X-E2 -- definitely NOT good :(

Just return the camera and move on to a different retailer.  Generally speaking and I do not know if where you bought this camera is like that. But buying from a huge internet retailer like a Amazon or Overstock or any place that sells everything from cameras to backyard play sets and lawn furniture I would stay away from for a main electronic purchase like a camera, or a Apple computer. Things like accessories bags, filters, lens caps anything with non moving parts ok.

B&H Photo ships worldwide and I have never had issue.

I do not like Adorama mainly because they are not dependable when it comes to stock levels when you think they have it at check out they do not.

Certain products are best bought at a specialty store. Cameras at camera stores etc.

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