First day with X-E2 -- definitely NOT good :(

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Re: I misunderstood - Ignore my previous post.

In my previous post I misunderstood your situation. I thought your lens was missing altogether, and formulated my response accordingly.

Later on I realised you actually did have a brand new lens, but it was in its own separate packaging instead of being in the kit package.

This renders parts of my earlier post response invalid, but my Edit Post timing had run out, so I was unable to correct it.

Here is what I should have posted:

Dick Ginkowski wrote:

... It was pretty evident that I did not receive a "new" product and the absence of the lens from the box was very troubling.

Was the product you bought advertised as brand new. I suppose it was, but can you please confirm this?

Since you had a brand new lens in a separate box, maybe it should have been less troubling or no troubling at all. A separate lens in its own packaging is worth more on the second hand market than the same lens separated from a kit without its own packaging.

This is the first professional grade Fuji product I've purchased but how can I trust Fuji when something like this happens?

I trust you realise this has nothing to do with Fuji.

The retailer sold you an open box product for the camera. However, the lens was new.

I spent several hours on the phone with the dealer over this issue. Instead of having a camera to use I had to drive to a FedEx office to return it. They have my money -- I do not have the camera kit. They mentioned something about perhaps not having one in stock but then somehow one was located. (I had suggested that they could have sent out a black XE-2 body as I already had the lens.) Will it also be a used product or a demo?

You need to discuss this with your retailer. On the positive side they have agreed to supply you with a replacement new product.

What compensates me for the hours I've spent trying to rectify this situation that never should have happened in the first place?

I do not know. But perhaps you can consider it as compensation that you now know how to deal with this retailer in the future.

I sure hope it works out well for you. I don't think Fuji has let you down in any way. The X-E2 with the 18-55mm zoom lens is a fantastic kit to have.

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