Tired of Fujifilm Forum Here

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Tired of Fujifilm Forum Here

Have owned equipment of various brands, namely Nikon, Canan, Ricoh, Leica, Sigma & now Fujifilm.  Each time when I was in possession of a new equipment of a certain brand, I would browse the respective forum here in dpreview, posting photos taken with that gear and checking out other people's work.  But with due respect, apart from Nikon & Canon (which is kind of an inborn thing to fight against each other, I guess), I just find people here in this forum so amazing that they seldom talk about photography & post photos, but more on equipment, always comparing this & that, pixel-peeping, bugging what's not perfect, complaining Fujifilm for this & that, arguing about different review results, defending Fujifilm is the best or his/her equipment is the best, etc..  I'm not saying other forums don't have such, but just not to this level.  And maybe there are other forums which can be worse, I don't know.  But all these sound to me like a sizeable number of Fuijifilm users participating in this forum here are a whole bunch of brand-loyal techies who only do test shooting with their gears.  By the way, there is one question that I see showing up more often here in this forum than in the other forums that I've been to - what lens to go with the body?  Com'on, one doesn't even know what he/she needs or shoots, be it a zoom lens, a wide/landscape lens, or a tele/portrait lens!?  So amazing.

I know I will get buried for saying things like that.  Sure I will get complained, and maybe I will even get banned by the administrators here.  So be it, be this my last posting/participation here then.

For those who like pixel-peeping, comparing & complaining, keep on doing what you do the best and enjoy.  For all others, happy shooting.

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