24-70 FE corners better at longer distances?

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24-70 FE corners better at longer distances?

All the reviews have agreed that the corners of the FE 24-70 are pretty bad and don't sharpen up.

I agree too, although I am happy to live with it for the other benefits.

I agree because when I got it I gave it my usual "bookcase" test: photographing the book case in my office on a tripod carefully aligned. It's boring but I always do it to look for gross decentering (I can live with mild decentering, and would go mad if I tried to exchange every lens that has it).

Sure enough, all the extreme corners a bit crap at 24... But even enough that it wasn't decentering.

But I shrugged my shoulders and thought, oh well, it's just the thing for bushwalking, likely it would need to be bigger to be better...

Anyhow a month later I was looking through my photos from a five day wilderness walk in LR (if you are interested, they are all taken on the 24-70 you can see most at http://sonsofthedesert-abushwalkingblog.blogspot.com.au/2014/03/five-nights-along-wilderness-coast.html)  and something struck me: looking at the 24mm pics the corners seemed pretty good!

I was puzzled. But then I thought maybe it is a function of distance? My bookshelf pics would have been from maybe 1 metre away - maybe a bit less. But the in the field pics would have been typically focussed 3-4 metres away at least.

A lot of lenses do things close up they don't do at further distances.

It made me wonder what distance the various reviewers are putting their charts. It'd need to be a big chart to cover the angle of view at 24mm at three metres.

Not going to have time to look into this closely for the next week or two, but would love to hear from anyone who does!

And even if I'm right, be nice to have good corners close up! (though come to think of it there aren't many WA pics where you are focussing close where you care about the corners)

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